Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode 134 – LIVE 8pm Central Tonight!

We talk about the pens of 2014! Continue reading

The Pilot E95S Fountain Pen

The Pilot E95s is a nod to the great design of a previous era with the elegant, stream-lined look of a classic 1960’s fountain pen. Continue reading

Organics Studio Inks – New Sizes and Colors!

Many people were disappointed to hear that Organics Studio ink company was taking an indefinite hiatus while founder Tyler Thompson attended graduate school. He sold off his remaining retail stock earlier this year, and headed off to grad school in New York City. We managed to score a very large lot of the remaining closeout stock last month, and it arrived this week! Continue reading

Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode 133

We talk about the best new inks of 2014! Continue reading

Noodler’s Acrylic Neponset Coming Soon!

Yes, you heard me right, Noodler’s Acrylic Neponset are coming soon, as in next week! We’re just as surprised as you, and they will be coming in several colors you are already familiar with:

Coral Sea
Lake Baikal
Ghostly Lapis
Himalayan Ruby
John Mung
Bengal Tiger
Marbled Marianas
Black Python in Pearls
Victory Garden
Forbidden City
Emeralds on the Sun

These will feature the same great three tined music nib as on the ebonite Neponsets from last month. Same filling system as on the Ahab, and can be converted to an eyedropper with some silicone grease and and an appropriately sized o-ring.

Quantities will be limited. You can sign up for back in stock notifications so when they arrive you will receive notice. We recommend making sure any other items you are interested in are already in your cart, and make sure you remember your login and password information as when these are released we anticipate they will go fast.

Stay tuned for more details on the Noodler’s Acrylic Neponset!

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My Favorite Pen – The Diamond Point MOP Eyedropper

This week on My Favorite Pen, I show off a pen I got back in 2008 as a birthday present for myself. Bought off of ebay, which can always be a crap shoot for vintage pens, I was astounded by the beauty of this particular pen when it arrived, a rare Diamond Point Mother of Pearl slabbed eyedropper. Continue reading

Anderson Pens Audio Podcast 126

We talk about the recent Michigan Pen Show! Continue reading