AP Audio Podcast – Episode 259

AP Audio Podcast – Episode 259

Topics May Include:

  • Sailor 1911 Royal Tangerine
  • Midori Cotton Notebooks
  • Conklin Duragraph Purple Nights
  • Conklin Peanut Butter Crescent
  • Visconti Northern Lights
  • Philadelphia Pen Show

For the video version of this podcast, click here!

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  • BrooklynBeka

    Oh my goodness! The Philadelphia Pen show sounds amazing! I wish I could go this time of year. I’ll be in Philly in October are there any FP related shops I should check out?

    What? No pics of those amazing pens you were gifted?

    Also, yes the Mokkamaster is amazing! We had it forever. But, if you want to have amazing incredible coffee at the push of a button, that transforms your cuppa you have to try the Jura! We love it! No pods! Coffee come out with a wonderful crema (sooo smooth), it’s customizable buttons puts out a great cup!