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#WTF Vanishing Point Water Surface

#WTF Vanishing Point Water Surface Raden ripples radiate and offer both peace and beauty. Clear your mind and find your thoughts with this functional work of art. Enjoy!

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#wtf TACCIA Spectrum

#wtf TACCIA Spectrum Make a statement with the bold, saturated colors of TACCIA’s latest collection – the Spectrum. Can’t pick a favorite? Take all three! Enjoy!

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#wtf Pelikan M800 Renaissance

#wtf Pelikan M800 Renaissance The aesthetically pleasing juxtaposition of light and shadow symbolizes typical characteristics of Renaissance paintings, making this special edition Pelikan M800 an homage to the masterpieces painted by the period’s greatest artists. Enjoy!

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#wtf Conklin Vintage Green Crescent

#wtf Conklin Vintage Green Crescent I can live for two months on a good compliment. — Mark Twain The mind fills with potential compliments when one gazes upon the Conklin Vintage Green Crescent. Enjoy!

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#wtf Delta Dolcevita Masterpiece

#wtf Delta Dolcevita Masterpiece Equally stunning in the hand, on the desk or displayed as art, the swirled Delta Dolcevita Masterpiece inspires both excited writing sessions and quiet contemplation. Enjoy!

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#wtf Montblanc John Lennon

#wtf Montblanc John Lennon The Montblanc John Lennon Special Edition features gentle grooves chiseled into the black precious resin of the barrel that mimic a vintage vinyl record, a platinum-finished clip that is shaped like a period guitar neck, and … Continue reading

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#wtf Namiki Emperor

#wtf Namiki Emperor Ebonite Body. Urushi Lacquer. Eyedropper Filler. Number Fifty 18k Nib. The Namiki Emperor is quite possibly the last pen you’ll ever need – fulfilling the Gorgeous, Elegant, and Seriously Serious Nibbage categories with ease. Enjoy!

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