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#wtf Sailor Fresca

#wtf Sailor Fresca Available only through North American retailers, the robin’s egg blue Sailor 1911 Fresca comes in both Standard and Large sizes, sports rhodium plated trim, boasts of a 21k nib, and is without question the sexiest 1911 that Sailor has ever produced! Sumptuous. … Continue reading

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#wtf Omas 360 Lamborghini

#wtf Omas 360 Lamborghini Released in 2009 to commemorate Automobili Lamborghini, this Limited Edition 360 is sleek, super-sexy, and rarely seen! Forged from Aluminum, sporting Physical Vapor Deposition Trim and fitted with a Ruthenium Plated 18kt Gold Nib… oh yes, this … Continue reading

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#wtf Cross Peerless New York

#wtf Cross Peerless New York Inspired by the iconic Art Deco architecture of the Chrysler Building, the exquisitely engraved Cross Peerless Special Edition New York City will definitely have you humming a Sinatra tune! A Swarovski emerald cap jewel and … Continue reading

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#wtf Platinum Maki-e Poppy

#wtf Platinum Maki-e Poppy With a Maki-e Poppy Flower and Raden Highlights under deliciously lustrous Urushi, you might be tempted to frame and hang the Platinum 3776 Maki-e Poppy as fine art. But don’t! The super-smooth 18kt gold nib was born … Continue reading

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#wtf Pilot Justus 95

#wtf Pilot Justus 95 Classy, sexy, and ready to meet your every need, the Pilot Justus 95 with adjustable nib does not disappoint! In the mood for a smidgen of flex? Turn the section to Soft and the nib is … Continue reading

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#wtf Montblanc Geometric

#wtf Montblanc Geometric Ballpoint The Montblanc Geometric Dimensions ballpoint pen woos and wows the senses with its glittering geometrical pattern and gorgeous golden tones! Enjoy!

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#wtf Aurora 88 Sigaro

#wtf Aurora 88 Sigaro Inspired by fine cigars, the Aurora 88 Sigaro melts us with its smoldering shape. The piston filler and 18k gold nib will make your favorite ink flow like a pleasant bouquet. Limited to 688 handcrafted pieces, … Continue reading

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