Mr. Paper! Clairefontaine My Essential!

Mr. Paper! Clairefontaine My Essential!

Mr Paper Presents – Clairefontaine’s My Essential Notebooks! From a bullet journal to a recipe book to a goal planner to a whatever-you-want, this book is a dream come true!

Color Options

Clairefontaine My Essential Notebooks are available in the following colors: Black, Tan, Red, Green, Blue.

Comment below with your favorite My Essential Notebook color and you’ll be entered into our random drawing. Win one of your very own! The winner will be announced by 1pm CDT Friday, April 14th.

*CONGRATULATIONS Smithman!! You are the winner of our Clairefontaine My Essential Notebook!*

Ink it up!

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  • I am digging the tan. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Daniel Pennington

    With a tan cover like that? I’ve got to say tan.

  • DexterL

    Definitely gonna be red.

  • T E Coke

    Thank you for the chance!

  • cancoi

    Oh, I love the green! A winning notebook!

  • Carlos Iván Fuentes

    I love the blue one… so vibrant!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Maria

    What lovely notebooks! These reviews are so informative, and it is nice to see how each writing instrument performs on the page. I normally like black notebooks, but that cobalt blue is stunning.

  • Nicole Look-Christensen

    I always love trying out new notebooks and that green is very pretty

  • Tom Blanchard

    I like the Tan! 🙂 Thanks for the drawing Anderson!!

  • Jesi

    The brown notebook looks so classy!

  • Trée George

    Love the red.

  • Laurie

    I think this might be a nice replacement for the Leuchtturm. I would love to try one out in red.

  • Tony Rose

    Cool giveaway! I like the tan best… Classic!

  • Chaney Tse

    Blue is probably my favorite, and I’m sure it will be for many other people as well. Good old black isn’t far behind, though.

  • Nikki Perez

    This is really cool news. I like the red covered notebook😁

  • Susanna Pathak

    Wouldn’t the TAN Essential Notebook be a great companion for the new Edison Collier fountain pen in Antique Marble that I received last week from Anderson Pens inked up with Diamine Ancient Copper?

    • Tan My Essential Notebook + Edison Collier in Antique Marble + Diamine Ancient Copper = The Perfect Trifecta!

  • Ryan W

    Favorite = Blue – like the sky on a beautiful sunny spring day

  • Algonquin

    I like them all, but the blue is really classy!

  • MP

    Those colors all look good, but I’d have to go with my favorite color: blue.

  • Jill

    My favorite color is blue of the notebook colors.

  • Inkantadora

    Though I usually prefer colors, I like the elegant yet softer look of the Black notebook. What a great selection. Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

  • Ian

    I was leaning to the blue, but I like the more saturated coloring on the red! Black is always close behind since it can go with everything.

  • Green is Money!

  • Luis Rodriguez

    Love the green cover, looks like you’re having a pretty good response to your giveaway so here’s my hat in the ring wish me luck!

  • Pete Conrad

    The tan cover is wonderfully understated.

  • Melanie

    What a great new notebook! I will be trying this one for sure, but what color? They each look fantastic in their own “write” but I think I’d go classic black or tan. Can’t for wrong with any though!

  • CrossmanX

    Blue! !!

  • Jennifer Essad

    Green has been my favorite color since the 60’s – thank you

  • Angie Bartholomew

    These are great notebooks. I’d love a blue one.

  • Aisazia

    Green is my favorite! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • sharon888

    The tan looks nice.

  • David Lee

    I think the tan would be a pretty quaint notebook for travel!

  • Tom Tonkin

    Blue is my favorite…!

  • Stephanie Jung

    I love blue! Blue is my choice!

  • Alejandro

    Green is very calming and this would be my first use of Clairefontaine paper

  • conjob

    I like the blue.

  • Smithman

    My favorite of the Clairefontaine My Essential Notebooks is the green.

  • Tara

    Red! Easy to see in my bag.

  • Minty Ma

    The blue is gorgeous!

    I’ve used moleskine over the years with bullet journalling…. Hmm might be a good day to change?

  • AK

    I’d go with TAN on this one.

  • Christine


  • Donovan Peterson

    I like the brown one the most! I’m thinking this will be my next journal!

  • Hi Tonja! It does in fact come in graph paper and we have just ordered some! Keep an eye out on our site and you should see it up there in the next week. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  • Diana Gilmore

    I’m looking the tan one for some reason. I usually gravitate toward green, but that is a really nice shade of tan!

  • Edgar Alejandro Villegas

    I agreed with Tonja, Grid or Blank paper will do much better for me too
    i love all the cover colors 🙂

    • Hi Edgar! We are getting My Essential Notebooks in with Grid paper next week! Yay!!

  • Tracey Jordan Carsto

    The red one is exciting. 🙂

  • Ritsuko

    I love the red!

  • I love the green one!

  • I like them all, but the tan is my favorite. Clairefontaine paper is fabulous with fountain pens and this would make a lovely journal.

  • JennyME

    I love the blue one!

  • Derek

    Red is amazing!

  • Rodja

    Blue is my favourite

  • April

    Blue is beautiful!

  • Ken Kubo

    Red is my favorite!

  • Gino

    Black matches my other notebook but I’m not fussy!!

  • Blue, but any one will do!

  • Gina Wells

    Love the red!!

  • Gill


  • Ann Thompson

    Oh blue!!!

  • Smithman

    So happy to win this quality product. Many thanks to Anderson Pens. Hope you have a smooth trip to Atlanta, Lisa and Brian.

  • LeRoy Lee

    I’ll take RED please! The color of “passion” and a perfect compliment to my sizeable collection of notebooks, pads. stationery and inks and pens… Thanks for the chance! Best, LeRoy P.S. Any color would be much appreciated!