Nib Newbs! Pilot Vanishing Point!

Nib Newbs! Pilot Vanishing Point!

Now you see it – now you don’t! Jason and Kim explore the Great Houdini of pens – the Pilot Vanishing Point!

Ink it Up!

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  • Best opening!! LOL and Kim’s expressions are hilarious at the end with all the clicking. AND “nib newbs”! I just love this series.

  • Michael Heenan

    This series is the best thing to happen to FP customer education in a long while. Kim and Jason are supremely watchable!

  • Christine Slocum

    The conversation is great, and I learned so much. Appreciate this video 🙂 If you don’t mind the feedback, the music used in the background is distracting. I think it would have been easier to listen to them with silence, to be honest.

  • Hi Ruth! We will share your feedback with Pilot!