Paperblanks Photo Album

A Paperblanks Journal Photo Album

The new Paperblanks are in and they are beautiful works of art! Combine one with your favorite pens and inks and voilà – you’re Claude Monet! Behold a new (and easy) craft project!

Paperblanks Photo Album

Every Paperblanks Journal that comes through the door is absolutely drool worthy. But if you don’t journal, what could you possibly use these beauties for? Well, why not turn it into a keepsake holding pictures from a special day, trip or activity?

I turned one of our Paperblanks into a wedding album and not only is it gorgeous, it’s also easy peasy!

The Supplies I Used

  • Printed pictures – I used Walgreens, but would recommend Mpix for a more professional printing service.
  • Kikka Ultra Paperblanks Journal – An ideal flower cover as our ceremony was surrounded by flowers at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.
  • Washi tape – You can order this online or if you live close to a crafting store, just pop in but be prepared to spend a lot of time there looking at EVERYTHING! I purchased my washi tape from Michaels.
  • Pens
  • Inks

    Putting the Photo Album Together

    Once I had my supplies, I simply used the washi tape to secure the pictures onto each page in the Paperblanks journal. Everything about our wedding was laid-back and mix-matched so the fun washi tape kept with that theme!

    Instead of captions I wrote lyrics from the songs our family friend sang for our ceremony. Cheesy, I know, but it’s Wedding Appropriate Cheesy.


    The little sleeve (memento pocket) in the back is ideal for keeping our Save the Dates, invites, and wedding program. I also put the pictures we had up at our reception in this sleeve.

    I see more Paperblanks Photo Albums in my future. Up next is our Disney trip from 2015…any suggestions on which Paperblanks to use for this one? The highlight of that trip was meeting Anna and Elsa, so maybe something that looks like it came from Arendelle? Possibly the new Paperblanks Chloe?

    Win a Paperblanks Journal!

    Which Paperblanks Journal would you like to use for your photographs? Let us know in the comments below and you could WIN the Paperblanks journal of your choice. We’ll choose a winner at random from all comments below by 3pm CST on Thursday, February 16th.




    *CONGRATULATIONS Daniel Street! You are the winner of our Paperblanks giveaway!*                                                                                                     

    Ink it Up!


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  • bonnie jean woolger

    I would love to win any one of them. I have not tried a paper blanks book.

    • Hi Bonnie! I highly recommend trying one out. Writing on this paper was so smooth and the designs are gorgeous!

      • bonnie jean woolger

        I will add one to my wish list 🙂

  • CSF_Photo

    I would try this fun project with the Paperblanks Chopin Polonaise in A Flat Major, the cover would look amazing and go along with some photos of musical instruments inside, perhaps past concert tickets with a few notes written down. Even a few melodies and chord progressions one might come up with. The possibilities are endless!

    • I love this idea!! That’s what I love about Paperblanks, there is a design for anything and everything!

  • Daniel Street

    Oh, I’d love to try one of these out! I have a hard time deciding between the Equinoxe Carmine, Le Gascon Mystique, Silver Filigree Maya Blue, or the Equinoxe Azure.

    • It’s really hard to decide between all of the designs!

    • Congrats, Daniel! You were our winner for the Paperblanks Journal. You should be receiving an email shortly.

  • I’d love to try the Equinoxe Carmine. Looks so nice.

  • jenn

    i think the paperblanks maya blue silver filigree ultra journal (lined) would be a beautiful book to record the adventures that my husband and i take now that we are empty nesters!

    • The Maya Blue Silver Filigree is a gorgeous Paperblanks! Have fun on your empty nester adventures! 🙂

      • jenn

        🙂 thanks, kim. so far, i highly recommend it

  • Richard Draper

    Those journals look nice. Are they FP friendly?

    • Yes, they are very FP friendly! I had no problem with bleed through (granted, my ink colors were all on the lighter side) and writing on this paper was super smooth.

  • Odette Bragg

    What a great idea! Especially like the idea of having the pocket for extras. The Gold Inlay would be perfect for my pictures from Egypt.

    • I agree! Gold Inlay was meant to hold pictures from Egypt!

  • Mary Capaldi

    Wow, the journal pages (and your photos of them) are so lovely. I really like your use of washi tape! I have a lot of wedding photos we haven’t done an album with yet and this sounds like a great way to make it unique and personal. Thanks for the idea!

    • You’re welcome! Paperblanks are perfect for weddings! Have fun with your project! 🙂

  • You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed this project. 🙂 Pictures of London would look amazing in the silver filigree blue maya journal! That is definitely one of my favorites.

  • Thanks, Courtney! I couldn’t agree more! Paperblanks also are handy wedding planning journals. 🙂

  • Hi Rose! The Gold Inlay is a beautiful Paperblanks! It is nice to sit down and work on a hands on project like! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Dylan Valliere

    Paperblanks Midi Journal – Stitched Splendour Rosa, Lined? Anything ~A5 sized, lined is going to be great.

  • Ananta Romain

    I really enjoy that kind of project ! I am looking for this one but this is from an old collection … and it is very hard to find…
    There are all wonderful I want everything ><
    If I can add an advice : Look Ventaglio Style or Equinox versions there are just perfect !

  • Vikas S

    Silver Filigree Maya Blue will go awesome with my Sailor Pro Gear Kan :).

    • Yes, it would go awesome with that pen! They belong together. 🙂

  • Shawna

    The Grolier Ornamentali style has my heart. It has an old, mystical sort of feel to it — perfect for keeping up with this year’s herb garden info (with little watercolor sketches and/or dip pen text in a russet toned ink, reminiscent of old naturalist journals or grimoires). Instead of photos, I could dry herbs between its pages!
    Any of those antiquated-looking ones catch my eye, though. The Nocturnelle, the ones that look like leather, the ones with that really ornamental silver filigree. They bring my mind to a different time, when life was harder but also much simpler, and there was no HVAC to keep us from appreciating the cycles of the seasons.

    • Wow, now that I look at it, the Grolier Ornamentali does look like a garden! A beautiful cover lined with vines. I have a feeling your Paperblanks is going to smell quite lovely with the dried herbs inside!

  • Eric Aycock

    I would love to get either the Nova Stella Nox lined in Grande or Midi. I love the design on the cover, it would be great to write a book in 🙂

    • Excellent choice! The new Nova Stellas are great to look at AND write in! 🙂

  • Beata Szydłowska

    I would Love ❤❤ to get one of Painted Botanicals. Especially Gloriosa Lily Mini! It looks so feminine and delicate 😊

  • Audrey

    Nova Stella astra. My goodness it’s beautiful.

    • Yes, it is! It’s probably hard to believe but it’s even more beautiful in person!

  • Kristin Morey

    Thank you for sharing! I am getting married this spring, and I will definitely be using this idea to capture our favorite memories. I think the Nocturnelle Ultra journal is beautiful.

    • Gorgeous choice! I love the gold accents on the Nocturnelle. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  • Denette B

    What a beautiful album, and lovely idea!! I now know what I will be doing for the next couple of weekends! 🙂 I LOVE the Kikka Ultra! The floral cover is so feminine, colorful, and fun (and it would match all sorts of pens and inks)!. I received a Paperblanks journal a few years ago as a gift from my employer, and I didn’t think much about it until recently…and once I started writing in it, I discovered that I LOVE it!! Now I need them all!

    • I had the same experience! This was the first time I wrote in a Paperblanks and it was so wonderful now I need more! Have fun collecting them all! 🙂