thINKthursday – Kobe #47 Aotani Cascade

Kobe #47 Aotani Cascade

We’ve fallen head over heels for Kobe #47 Aotani Cascade.

Kobe #47 is a beautiful seafoam green turquoise that is a perfect color for summer. Kobe ink is produced by Sailor, and their large assortment of colors will soon be getting even larger. Each of their inks is named after a location around the city of Kobe Japan. The ink comes in a 50ml glass bottle that is short and round. This review was done with a Sailor 1911 F, Lamy Aion B and on Rhodia blank No.18 paper.

Aotani Cascade is a decent shader and has a similar appearance in both a fine and broad nib. At its lightest, the ink is a turquoise blue. From there, the ink shades to a minty green. The darkest areas of the ink are an emerald green hue. These color gradations are very distinct which makes describing this ink a bit difficult, however the overall appearance is a soft and beautiful color.

Kobe inks have all the same great properties as Sailor inks. Aotani Cascade has good flow with no feathering or bleedthrough on Rhodia paper. It’s a moderately saturated ink with good dry times at 20-30 seconds. While it doesn’t have any water resistance, clean-up is easy.

Kobe #47  falls between so many color descriptors that it’s hard to pick the best one to describe the ink. The most important thing is that it’s a gorgeous color that writes as nicely as it looks. The ink is easily legible no matter what nib size you’re using which makes it a great ink for journaling or correspondences.

As with any ink review, the pen, paper, and person doing the writing will influence the way the ink looks. If you’re not sure about a color, try a sample to see if it’s the one for you.

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