Anderson Pens Announces Our New Ink Comparison Tool!!!

A little while back, we announced the release of our newly reformatted ink swab cards. We worked for several months to completely redesign our swab cards, from changing the layout, font, size of the actual swab, and the orientation. We have been using these online, in the store, and at shows, to great reviews. One of the reasons we made this change, was in preparation for our big announcement.

Our new Ink Comparison Tool!!!

Ink Comparison Tool

Ink Comparison Tool

This has taken over 6 months to complete, and we have had some amazing help and suggestions along the way (you know who you are)! We know that there are similar tools out there, so in designing this, we wanted to do something different. So what is new or different in our Ink Comparison Tool?

1 – Our Ink Comparison Tool allows you to choose up to 5 different inks to compare, and lines them up side by side, touching, so that you can REALLY compare them next to each other.

2 – Our Tool also includes vintage ink, discontinued ink, or inks not otherwise available for sale for comparison. Want to match Sailor Epinard? We’ve got the swatch included to help you find the closest option. Love Parker Penman Sapphire? We’ve got that too! Plus lots of others, and we are adding to it constantly.

3 – Once you choose an ink color to compare, a table of ink properties is shown below it. Once you pick the colors you want to choose from, you can then compare properties such as archival, fluorescent, highlighter, permanent etc.

4 – Of course once you choose the ink, you want to buy it, right? We have options directly below the swab card to Add Bottle to Cart, Add Sample to Cart, Add Cartridges to Cart (if available), add the bottle to your wishlist, or view the product page for more information.

5 – Pricing is shown right in the Tool, to help you make a more informed decision. Pricing per ml and ounce are both shown, as well as price per bottle and price per sample.

We have worked very hard to bring this tool to you, to help make online shopping an easier experience. It’s important to us that when choosing an ink, you have the best possible tool at your fingertips. Our ink swabs were all photographed by the same professional photographer, who has decades of experience, including in the beauty product industry where 100% color accuracy is required.

Bookbinders Side by Side Detail

Bookbinder’s Side by Side Detail

A few caveats or disclaimers, of course:

1 – We have made every effort to accurately reflect the true colors of our ink swabs, but color can vary from computer to computer based on monitor brightness and calibration. This includes laptops, as monitor angle can change the perception of color.

2 – The option to view the product page pops up in another page or tab, depending on your browser.

3 – We are only human, and might have missed something or misspelled something. If you notice an error, please contact us. We have completed our ink properties chart only with information that we could personally verify, either from our own tests, or directly from the manufacturer. If you feel that something is missing or inaccurate, please let us know.

4 – We would love your help!! If there are additional inks, either vintage or modern, that you would like to see added for comparison, please let us know. If you have a clean, uncontaminated sample to send to us that we can swab for the tool, we would love to add it in!!

Check out our new Ink Comparison Tool Here, or find it in our blue top menu bar!

Ink it up!
Brian & Lisa