Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode 195

We talk about top 7 pens to take on a summer outing, plus Q&A time with the Andersons! Send Questions to

00:00 Welcome
01:55 New Marketing Director: Mr. Eric Orozco!
04:15 Top 7 pens to take on a summer outing (in no particular order)
06:50 #1 Pilot Metropolitan
08:00 #2 Lamy Safari | Lamy AL-Star
09:20 #3 Kaweco Brass Sport | Ice Sport
10:15 #4 Pilot Vanishing Point
11:50 #5 Retro 51
12:50 #6 Fisher Bullet Space Pen
13:30 #7 Platinum Preppy
14:35 Monteverde Tool Pen
15:55 Q&A let us know what you want to know!
16:50 Question #1 – I’m looking for a good permanent water resistant ink for addressing envelopes. What do you recommend and how do I clean this type of ink out of a pen?

Answer – De Atramentis Dokument inks (color)
Rohrer & Klingner Document Inks
JB Pen Flush
Bulb syringe
19:10 Question #2 – Do you expect Montblanc to ever release non contaminated Golden Yellow ink or is it just gone forever?

Montblanc’s Golden Yellow announcement
Answer – At some point, but no official time frame for release.
21:25 Question #3 – When will Pilot CON40 converter be available separately from Vanishing Points?

Answer – Currently already shipping with Pilot VP Matte Blue, but not available separately at this time. Perhaps January, early 2017.
23:57 Email us at:
25:21 Organics Studio inks back in stock
26:55 thINKthursday Blackstone Black Stump ink
27:15 Bookbinders Ink | Blackstone Ink – more colors coming in
27:25 Shoutouts
27:55 Wrap up & goodbye!