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Midweek Mojo – Fountain Pen Day

Midweek Mojo Fountain Pen Day Mark your calendars! November 4th is Fountain Pen Day! To tide you over until the big day, we’re showing off some of our prettiest fountain pens. Whether it’s a grail pen or your next purchase, these … Continue reading

Midweek Mojo – No Tricks, Just Treats

Midweek Mojo No Tricks, Just Treats No need to go door to door for your inky treats, we’ve carved out a selection of pens and inks that will pair perfectly with your jack o’lantern.

Midweek Mojo – Apple Pickin’

Midweek Mojo Apple Pickin’ During these crisp autumn days there is nothing better than grabbing a bushel and a friend and heading out to do some apple picking. This week’s mojo takes inspiration from the beautiful red and green colors … Continue reading

Midweek Mojo – Sweetest Day

Midweek Mojo Sweetest Day Is Sweetest Day a real holiday? No. Was it invented by the candy industry to increase sales? Yes. Are you looking for an excuse to get that next fountain pen? Of course!

Midweek Mojo – Autumn Palette

Midweek Mojo Autumn Palette Fall is here! While we might not get excited for all things pumpkin spice, we’re definitely crazy about smooth writing pens with rich, warm, earthy colored inks.

Midweek Mojo – Oktoberfest

Midweek Mojo Oktoberfest Oktoberfest continues until October 3rd and to help you celebrate it’s final week we’ve put together our favorite German pens and inks.

Midweek Mojo – Go Fly a Kite

Midweek Mojo Go Fly a Kite Summer comes to an end this week, but we wanted to enjoy one last summer time activity before fully embracing autumn. Flying a kite brings out a indescribable childlike wonder that is certain to bring … Continue reading