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LAMY 2000 Disassembly Video

LAMY 2000 Disassembly Video Brian shows us how painless it is to disassemble the serviceable end of the LAMY 2000.

Midweek Mojo – Pen Repair

Midweek Mojo Pen Repair Expand your pen world with vintage pens. Repairing an old pen is easier than you think. From sacs to shellac we have everything you’ll need to make your first repair a success.

Announcing New Reproduction Sheaffer PFM Point Holder Gasket!

After close to nine months in development, we proudly announce our new reproduction Sheaffer PFM Point Holder Gasket!

Client Repair Now on Hiatus Until November

Despite going full time with the business end of August, I have not seemed to catch up on my repair work.

Bench Time Episode 2

More time at the bench on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Bench Time Episode 1

Join me for the first episode of Bench Time, probably where I spend most of my time cleaning my bench off in preparation for some repairs!

What’s Up for the Weekend?!

Good Morning Fellow Pen Collectors! Happy Friday!! ┬áDespite a couple of inches of super fluffy snow that covered us last night, it’s not tooo cold out, and it’s sunny at least.