Esterbrook Twist Fillers

Two rare Esterbrook Twist Fillers are up on the site. Here’s a little run down of these pens.

Esterbrook Twist Fillers – Rare Models!

Two different Esterbrook Twist Fillers are available – one in grey, one in red, ca. 1943-4. These are the hardest to find of all the Esterbrook models and they are very special. Because of  wartime restrictions, Esterbrook switched from the lever filling system to piston. All the metal trim was made of Palladium Silver. There was no rubber or other metal used on the pen: the piston shaft and mechanism were all plastic.

Esterbrook Twist Fillers


Esterbrook Twist Fillers


Unfortunately as is common with this models, the piston mechanism cannot be used or repaired. These are a collector pieces only and will not fill. 2668 Medium point nib is not original to the pen, but is in good condition and could be swapped for one of your other Esterbrook pens. Both pens are very rare pieces – perfect for the collectors!

Check out the Grey Twist Filler and the Red Twist Filler!

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Brian & Lisa