Palomino Pencils Mixed Grade Graphite Set

The Palomino Pencils Mixed Grade Graphite Set is a great pack to discover pencils and various leads.

Palomino Pencils Mixed Grade Set

Introduced in 2014 – a sharp new look for the Palomino graded graphite drawing pencils! Each Palomino graded graphite pencil features the signature orange lacquer and the Palomino logo imprinted in clean, black lettering. This may be the perfect pencil to #killwinterwithorange! Palomino has also added a black end-dipped finish with white lettering, making distinguishing between different lead grades a breeze.

Palomino Pencils Mixed Grade Graphite Set

The Palomino mixed grade graphite set features eight graded premium Palomino pencils. All eight pencils are made of genuine Incense-cedar and fit perfectly inside the Palomino luxury sketchbook and folio.

Most importantly, the graphite grades are 2H, H, HB (2), B, 2B, 4B and 6B. This offers you a range of hardness and lightness in your leads, from hard and light to dark and soft. This is a great set to explore pencils with, or for artists and sketchers alike!

Palomino Pencils Mixed Grade

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Brian & Lisa