Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode #254

AP Video Podcast Episode #254

Topics May Include:

  • Montblanc LeGrand with Red Gold
  • NEW Diamine Shimmertastic inks
  • NEW Kyo-no-oto inks
  • Diamine Earl Grey
  • AP Santa Winner Announcement!
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  • Shaavazul

    Woo! Exciting stuff! I have a final during this time, but it will be a nice treat one I finish. And hopefully it will be an *extra* nice treat if AP Santa picks my horribly rhymed poem!

    Thanks AP for some fun videos and a lovely change to win something pretty.

    • Shaavazul

      So Kim is the lucky AP Santa helper that gets to read my rhyming ode to Sailor pens! Thank you all so much!!

      • Yes, I did! 🙂

        • Shaavazul

          *whisper* Don’t tell anyone, but you’re my favorite Nib Newb!

          • Hehehe I won’t say a word! Thanks! 🙂

  • Jax MyPuppy

    You two are so fun together! However, I have to disagree about the shimmer inks. I love, love, LOVE my shimmer inks!!!!!