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thINKthursday – LAMY Topaz

thINKthursday LAMY Topaz They said a brown ink couldn’t do it all… Clearly, they’ve never tried LAMY Topaz!

thINKthursday – Bungubox Hatsuyume Aofuji

thINKthursday Bungubox Hatsuyume Aofuji This airy, vibrant turquoise is a little ray of sunshine in a bottle!

thINKthursday – Sailor Ink Studio 841

thINKthursday Sailor Ink Studio 841 This beautiful azure blue strikes the perfect balance between fun and function!

thINKthursday Bungubox 4B

thINKthursday Bungubox 4B To be, or not to be… The math is simple. The correct answer is Bungubox 4B!

thINKthursday Bungubox Omaezaki Ruri-Sora

thINKthursday Bungubox Omaezaki Ruri-Sora If relaxation were a color, Bungubox Omaezaki Ruri-Sora would be it!

thINKthursday – KOBE #16 Nada Brown

thINKthursday KOBE #16 – Nada Brown Contrary to the name, KOBE Nada Brown is unabashedly umber!

thINKthursday – KOBE #11 Ikuta Orange

thINKthursday KOBE #11 – Ikuta Orange This vivacious vermillion is a fine nib’s best friend!