Mr. Paper! Hugo Boss Storyline Notebook!

Mr. Paper! Hugo Boss Storyline Notebook!

The excellence of German design is showcased in the Hugo Boss Storyline Notebook. Even Mr. Paper gives it two tines up! It’s wunderbar – and very fountain pen friendly!

Comment below with your favorite color from the Hugo Boss Storyline Notebook collection! One person will be randomly selected to win an A6 Storyline Notebook! The winner will be announced by 1pm CDT on Friday, April 28th.

**CONGRATULATIONS CSF Photo! You are the winner of our Hugo Boss Storyline Notebook Giveaway!**

Ink it up!

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  • bonnie jean woolger

    Grey 🙂

  • Janine

    These look amazing!! But of course I need one to do a review over here, across the pond. ☺

  • Larry U.

    That burgundy cover looks nice!

  • Lindsey Bertomen


  • Karen pollitt

    Nice! Want one…. or two! Lol

  • Paloma

    I can’t decide–I would like on in brown or light/dark grey!

  • Rachel L

    These are beautiful! I love the burgundy notebook!

  • jenn

    love the bright blue !

  • Lauren Marks

    Bright blue…such a beautiful color!

  • Dan Wilkens

    The brown is very nice.

  • Ryan W

    Nice looking journals. I like the Bright Blue.

  • Chaney Tse

    The bright blue looks wonderful, though the light grey comes a very close second.

  • David F. Mack

    Brown or burgundy are very nice

  • Rob

    I think the burgundy looks very classy.

  • The dark blue is my favorite because I’m partial to blues . . . however, they all look great!

  • Black goes with everything. 😛

  • Ron Parish

    While all the colors look exceptional, there is just something special about one of my favorite colors, so I would choose blue; it doesn’t matter whether it’s royal blue or dark blue. I’m always looking for good notebooks, and that 100gm paper ought to be wonderful.

  • CSF Photo

    I would love to have the maroon colored notebook! They look amazing!

  • Rodja

    The bright blue. They all look beautiful.

  • Scott Dilley

    I really like that dark grey and dark blue. Thank you for the giveaway. Great stuff!

  • David Lee

    Light grey looks to be a gorgeous pick!

  • AK

    Love the maroon – these look great!

  • Sahil

    The dark blue!

  • Pim Lefevere

    Definatly Burgundy. Hope to find these somewhere in Europe as well since I do love how these look!!

  • Sandy Sabel

    My choice is dark gray!

  • Definitely Dark Blue would be my colour of choice. After all, blue is what I like!

  • Dplafoll

    They all look pretty nice, but I’d probably go with Dark Grey or Dark Blue, or the default Black.

  • Steve Duitsman

    I like the brown. I thought they were all great colors though.

  • jugtree

    I like all the colours, and the branding is done well – not in your face! I’d love to have a cream coloured one. Something different than all of the other netbooks I have on the go.

  • Ssquach66

    The burgundy is great!

  • pdhickey

    The brown looks very classy.

  • Lyndsay Alvin T. Ng

    Black is my preference.

  • matthew fitzgerald

    The bright blue would best match most of the pens in my collection, and be easier to spot amidst the inevitable clutter that seems to surround whatever possession I may be looking for at any particular moment.

  • I would say my favorite is Burgundy, its a really pretty color!

  • JennyME

    They’re all lovely, but I adore the lighter blue.

  • CSF Photo

    Thank you so much for the amazing prize! Always generous of you to host these giveaways. Will be delighted to ink up every page front and back! Thank you!!! 😬✨🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼