Mr. Paper! Rhodia No. 18 ColoR!

Mr. Paper! Rhodia No. 18 ColoR!

Our resident papyrophile, Mr. Paper himself, flips back the cover on this all new Notepad and shows us why Rhodia reigns righteous.

Color Options

Rhodia No. 18 ColoR Notepads are available in the following colors: Anis, Poppy, Purple, Raspberry, Sapphire, Taupe, Turquoise

Comment below with your favorite Notepad color and you’ll be entered into our random drawing. Win one of your very own!

*CONGRATULATIONS maj8614! You are the winner of our Rhodia No. 18 ColoR Notepad Giveaway!*

Ink it up!

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  • DexterL

    Turquoise is my favorite.

  • Jesi

    Do I have to choose only one color as my favorite? The purple. If I must choose. They are all beautiful!

  • Pmike

    Mmmmmm visually tactile and satisfying to look at. I’m Sapphire all the way!

  • JoE

    Turquoise is usually my go-to color, but I think the Purple is my favorite from this group. But really, I would want to try each just to be SURE that’s my favorite, hah.

  • David Cariker

    Turquoise is my favorite, it’s so bright!

  • CSF Photo

    The purple one would be a delight to have!

  • Steve Duitsman

    Sapphire is my favorite.

  • Nikki Perez

    I’m loving the sapphire colored pad😍

  • The purple is absolutely lovely!

  • Emma

    Love the sapphire!

  • I like the sapphire the best out of these notebook colors.

  • Turquoise to match Platinum 3776 Chartres inked with kon-peki !

  • Tina

    Anis! I love this photo of all of them together!

  • Austin Krohn

    Definitely Sapphire!

  • Aleah Duitsman

    I usually like Turquoise everything but I think I would like to try the Raspberry to be different! 🙂

  • Aleah Duitsman

    I usually get everything in Turquoise but I think I’d like to try the Raspberry just to be different! 🙂

  • Pamela Sue

    They’re all so nice! It’s hard to choose, but probably Sapphire, or the Purple….wait, that Raspberry is devine, as well!

  • Felicity Littlefair


  • Andrea Grimaldi

    Poppy & turquoise !

  • WF_cupcakegirl

    If I had to choose just one, I’d choose Turquoise.

  • maj8614

    Great video! Turquoise is my favorite.

  • Tony Rose

    I think the Taupe is sharp!

  • sharon888


  • Thom Davies


  • BarryNK

    Poppy pops out at me.

  • leftyjoe

    Sapphire favorite followed by raspberry.