thINKthursday – Robert Oster Golden Brown

Robert Oster Golden Brown

Roam the golden plains with Robert Oster Golden Brown.

We love Robert Oster inks, and I’m always excited to review one of his colors. Golden Brown is a mostly brown ink with rich pecan tones. Oster ink comes in a 50ml round and tall plastic bottle. The circular opening is on the small size, but big enough to accommodate any pen. This review was done with a Pilot Metropolitan F, Conklin All American B and on Rhodia blank No.18 paper.

Although the name might suggest otherwise, Golden Brown is a mostly brown ink. In a fine nib the ink is a uniform hickory brown. In a broad nib you’ll get closest to any golden color the ink has to offer. At its lightest the ink is a tawny caramel color. This quickly shades to a rich pecan and then to a dark hickory brown.

I’m confident in saying that nearly all Robert Oster inks preform very well. Golden Brown has good flow with no feathering or bleedthrough on Rhodia paper. The ink is fairly saturated, but still has good dry times at 20-30 seconds. The ink doesn’t have any water resistance, but clean up is easy.

Brown inks are usually hit or miss for me, but Golden Brown struck all the right notes. Once I got over the lack of a ‘golden’ in the ink I really appreciated it for the nice brown that it is. The ink is dark enough in a fine nib that you might be able to get away using it at work. Once Autumn comes around, I’ll be using this ink a lot.

As with any ink review, the pen, paper, and person doing the writing will influence the way the ink looks. If you’re not sure about a color, try a sample to see if it’s the one for you.

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