2-Pen Zipper Cases and Bomber Tan Pen Cases – Limited Time Only

Girologio Bomber Tan Cover

We have carried Girologio pen cases for many years and have been impressed with the terrific value that they provide. We recently acquired a large supply of a limited color—Bomber Tan—in the 48-pen, 24-pen and 12-pen case size. We also have a limited supply of the 2-pen and 3-pen zipper cases in the both brown and black.

Girologio Bomber Tan Cases

We have carried the 3-pen zipper cases for a long time, and we did have the 2-pen zipper cases briefly several years ago. The packaging of the 2 sizes is essentially identical, and it was challenging and time consuming at pen shows to tell them apart when customers were waiting to complete their purchases. The 2-pen zipper cases will be available for a short time and when they are sold out, we will decide if we will restock or not.

Girologio 2 and 3 Pen Zippered Cases

Please leave a comment below to let us know if you prefer the 2-pen zipper cases or the 3-pen zipper cases.

The Bomber Tan pen cases were part of a small run of a non-standard color and we stumbled onto a large batch of them in the large 48-pen size, the 24-pen size, and the 12-pen size. When these sell out, we will not be receiving any additional cases in this color.

Girologio Bomber Tan Pen Case Open

One thing that I personally like very much is the finish of the Bomber Tan. The texture is a velvety matte finish that lends itself to be caressed, at least in my hands… It’s soft & smooth, but not as polished as the standard brown or black cases. This Bomber Tan set of cases also seems to be a little more consistent in color and finish than the Bomber Brown we have carried in the past. The Bomber Brown felt a little more distressed than does the Bomber Tan, so each color has its own personality.

Sometimes it is nice to add some variety to a line and we hope you enjoy the new offerings while they last.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay warm!

Lisa & Brian

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