2012 The Pen Year in Review

The year 2012 was a good one for pens, many unearthed from our Pen Show Wishlists, some off eBay, some from good friends.  If you haven’t followed all our posts, here’s a visual sample of some of the best pens we scavenged up this past year.

Valentines Day 2012

Valentines Day 2012 – A Sheaffer Legacy for Brian, a Parker Duofold RB for Lisa

Heath GF Overlay

Baltimore Show Find – Heath GF Overlay

The Sheaffer 300

The Sheaffer 300 – One of the best modern pen performers of the year.

Moore Safety

An Early Moore Safety in Box with Directions – Picked up in Little Rock

Sheaffer Intensity Cornflower

Intensity Cornflower – A.K.A. The Queen’s Pen

The TWSBI 540 Sapphire

The TWSBI 540 Sapphire – One of my favorite users of the year.

H.M. Smith

H.M. Smith Taper Cap Eyedropper – Chicago Show Auction

Grieshaber Overlay

Grieshaber Overlay – Chicago Show – A Special Birthday Gift

Edison Pearlette

Lisa’s New Edison Pearlette – Chicago

S.T. Dupont

Lisa’s S.T. Dupont Auction Win – Chicago

Edison Pen Co. Overlay

Edison Pen Co. Overlay – The OTHER Edison Pen Co. Raleigh Show

MontBlanc 124

MontBlanc 124 – For Lisa’s Birthday, from Raleigh

Snap-Fil Open

Snap-Fil Open – Raleigh Pen Show

Unmarked Thumb Filler

Unmarked Thumb/Sleeve Filler – Raleigh Pen Show

Wirt Filigree Eyedropper Overlay

Wirt Filigree Eyedropper Overlay – Gem amongst the rest of the pens on the table – Raleigh Pen Show

Lamy Al Stars Open

Lamy Al-Stars – Two of our solid daily users

Aikin Lambert Basket Weave Filigree

Aikin Lambert Basket Weave Filigree – Washington D.C. Supershow

Sterling Filigree Eyedropper

Sterling Filigree Eyedropper – Unmarked, BIG! Washington D.C. Supershow

Sheaffer 100's

Sheaffer 100’s – Our first giveaway pen!


Bard & Brothers Dip Pen nibs, Nos. 2 & 8

Bard & Brothers Dip Pen nibs, Nos. 2 & 8 – A Tale of Two Bard’s found in Dallas

Esterbrook H Pastel

Esterbrook H Pastel – Scarce clipless pastel. Dallas Pen Show

Mabie Todd Swan

Mabie Todd Swan Eyedropper – Dallas Pen Show

Wirt Matchstick Filler

Wirt Matchstick Filler – Dallas Pen Show

Aikin Lambert Filigree

Aikin Lambert Filigree – Detroit Pen Show

Lisa's Montblanc and My Beloved Bordeaux

Lisa’s Montblanc and My Beloved Bordeaux – Detroit Pen Show

TWSBI Micarta 803 and 805

TWSBI Micarta 803 and 805 – Another Awesome TWSBI

Goodyear's Patent with Joseph Monaghan #5 Nib

Goodyear’s Patent with Joseph Monaghan #5 Nib – Columbus Pen Show Auction

Monaghan Nib

Monaghan Nib – Spectacular! Ohio Pen Show Auction

Swan Eyedropper

Swan Eyedropper – Post War Plastic Pen Ohio Pen Show

Wirt Screw Cap Eyedropper

Wirt Screw Cap Eyedropper – Small Pen But Lovely! Ohio Pen Show

John Holland #8

John Holland #8 that walked up to the table right before the end of the show. Ohio Pen Show

Sheaffer 3-25

Sheaffer 3-25 that walked up to our table. Ohio Pen Show

The Delta Fusion 82

The Delta Fusion 82 – The Pen I Lusted After for Months!

As you can see, we managed to find some rather fine pens last year.  Let’s hope for an even better 2013!

Brian & Lisa