Anderson Pens Audio Podcast #183

We talk about this week’s Long Island Pen Show!

For the video version of the podcast, click here!

00:00 Welcome
00:30 Pre Long Island Pen Show
03:30 LI Pen Show –
05:30 JB Pen Flush!
06:40 Omas Paragon – Arco
07:50 Omas Aubergine
12:24 Pilot Decimos shipping to us tomorrow!
13:33 Esterbrook Twist Fillers (blog)
15:30 Pilot Knight
16:00 Sailor Pro Gear Earth (blog)
18:19 Retro 51 Popper Breakaway (blog)
18:30 Chicago Pen Show Re-Sac Your Esterbrook Seminar (blog)
19:30 Visconti Hall of Music Fountain Pen (blog)
19:45 TWSBI 580AL Green Fountain Pen (blog)
20:15 Visconti Dark Age & Visconti Rembrandt Special Ops
21:00 New Staff!
23:50 Shoutouts
24:50 Wrap up & goodbye!

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