Anderson Pens Audio Podcast #184

We talk about the recent Long Island Pen Show!

For the video version of this podcast, click here!

00:00 Welcome
11:05 More Omas pens and Omas ink might happen
14:45 LI Pen Show
28:00 Stolen Aurora Optima
32:45 Sailor Pro Gear Earth (blog)
35:00 Field Notes Sweet Treats
35:45 Retro 51 Seasonal Popper Bouquet
37:41 Faber-Castell Deep Sea Green Ink
39:05 Sailor Pro Gear Millecolore (blog)
39:26 Graf Von Faber-Castell Midnight Blue Ink (blog)
39:25 Esterbrook Twist-Fillers (blog)
39:55 My Favorite Pens: John Holland Saddle Filler
40:35 Toucan Ink Bottles (blog)
40:44 Pilot CON40
41:00 Shoutouts
44:25 Wrap up & goodbye!