Anderson Pens Audio Podcast Episode 194

We talk about the most recent Triangle Pen Show!

For the video version of this podcast, click here!

00:00 Welcome
01:00 Raleigh Pen Show recap
06:05 Mottled HR 40
06:50 Wirt Cardboard Sign
08:00 Saturday Power Outage!
14:33 Esterbrook Olive Grey Military Cap Style
26:10 Retro51 Tribute Tiger Shark | Fortress | Apollo | Dog Rescue | See All
26:29 Retro51 Slim
26:41 Lamy DarkLilac Ink (& Pens)
26:47 Three new Bookbinders inks
27:20 Pilot Vanishing Point Matte Blue (coming soon!)
27:35 TWSBI 580AL Dark Orange/Lava coming soon
27:50 Shoutouts
29:05 Wrap up & goodbye!

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