Anderson Pens Audio Podcast Episode 197


  • Brian tries to guess Lisa’s 5 Most-Favorit-est Inks.Will he win a prize, simply avoid punishment or will he be sleeping on the couch? Tune in to find out!
  • Q&A with The Andersons. Send questions to:

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00:00 Welcome
03:07 Sailor Pro Gear Red & Black Ebonite
04:35 Lisa’s 5 favorite inks – and Brian’s guesses
Parker Penman Sapphire
Namiki Blue
Aurora Blue
Montblanc Irish Green
Montblanc Toffee Brown
Aurora Black
Sailor Jentle Blue
Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki
014:30 Sailor Pro Gear Special Edition Earth fountain pen
17:57 Question: What is the difference between the three Pilot converters?
Answer: There are five Pilot converters. CON20, CON50, CON70, a simplified version of the 20 in a Pilot Metropolitan (without a sheath over it), and the new CON40.
22:42 Question: Is it safe to use vintage ink?
Answer: Maybe!
26:53 Question: does an ultrasonicator really make a difference?
Answer: Yes!
35:10 Sailor Pro Gear Special Edition Earth fountain pen – call or email
for availability
35:50 This week’s newsletter
36:05 Parker 50B FP/RB/MP Set
36:55 Montblanc Rouge & Noir Ebonite
37:07 #wtf Platinum 3776 Jupiter
37:57 thINKthursday Sailor Storia Dancer Pink
38:15 How to thINKthursday
38:40 Shoutouts
40:30 Wrap up & goodbye!

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