Anderson Pens Notepads – Now Back in Stock with some great improvements!

Anderson Pens Notepads

Anderson Pens Notepads

Hi All,

I have been making these notepads since sometime in the year 2000 or so, and they have always been all done by hand (except for the actual paper itself). These can be very labor-intensive, especially the way we offered them before with over 100 options, plus custom work, and as we grew as a company, my time was pulled more and more to other aspects of our business.

I took a break for 2 years or so, and I have to admit, I was not prepared for the reaction from customers. Some customers completely understood, some yelled at me (seriously lol), some responses were in between. During this break, Brian and I used the time to completely overhaul the entire line of offerings, the entire process of making them, and the actual product itself. What was working, what was not working, what was manageable, what did customers ask for…..

Without further ado, I happily bring back our Anderson Pens Notepads. At one point, we called them Proper Pads, because if you use a fountain pen, you really do need Proper Paper…

What remains the same:

– The paper is still a heavier 28lb, very smooth paper
– The pads are still top glue-bound
– The notepads have a cardboard/chipboard backing
– We did keep a few of the more popular older designs

What has changed:

– The backing is much thicker and stiffer
– The pads are all individually shrink-wrapped. This makes for easier and safer shipping, or transporting to pen shows
– The quantity of designs have been greatly reduced to a level that is sustainable for us to produce.
– The notepads will be produced in batches, so if they are available on the website, we have them physically in stock. No more made-to-order, long waits, or frustration on either side.
– Designs will still be added, but for now, what is there is what we have available. We will roll out new designs as they are ready.
– No custom orders will be taken at this time.
– We completely redid the images of pens, so that every image is our own. We previously had used images supplied to us by customers or vendors, but the quality was inconsistent.
– The large size pads will have only the non-pen images at this time, such as the storyboard, Cornell annotated designs, blank, and a few others.
– No coil bound notebooks at this time.

Anderson Pens Notepads

The pricing has also changed for the 1st time in 18 years. Small pads are now $6, up from $5, and the large pads are now $12, up from $10. Over the past 18 years, the cost of the paper, chipboard backing, ink, cutting machine, photography and editing, and yes, even my labor, has all increased greatly, and up until now, we have absorbed the cost.

For those of you who have used our notepads in the past, we hope you like the changes we have made. If there are designs you would like to see in the future, please feel free to drop me a note at

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