Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode 153

We talk about Myths

00:00 Welcome
04:14 True/False – Hot water is better than cold
05:15 Don’t put hard rubber pens in water, or casein.
05:55 Distilled water
06:30 Hard water
07:45 True/False – You have to use the same brand of ink as the pen (and what to put in it to clean – J. B’s Perfect Pen Flush)
11:40 True/False – You got a new pen. The first thing you do is take it apart completely and knock out the nib.
17:20 True/False – Use a paper bag to smooth your nib – Get micromesh!
20:56 True/False – Every pen needs to be adjusted before you use it
23:25 True/False – Letting someone borrow your pen will ruin the nib
26:30 True/False – Get a pen, ink it up, and it’s not working the way it should – does that automatically mean you have a dud pen?
29:50 True/False – What’s better – a gold nib or steel nib?
37:38 PaperBlanks Planner Giveaway reminder
39:55 More PW Akkerman inks have arrived (Contact us if you want some!)
41:05 Selfie Pens from Yafa
42:25 Monteverde Powerbank Ballpoint Pens
45:00 PaperBlanks re-stocked
47:10 TWSBI Eco
48:00 TWSBI Vac Mini & Vac20A Bottles release delayed by TWSBI
49:50 Shoutouts
51:30 Wrap up & goodbye!