Anderson Pens Video Podcast Episode 19

We talk about the recent Chicago Pen Show and invite some special guests Azizah Asgarali and SBRE Brown!!

00:00 Welcome
01:50 Chicago Pen Show recap
07:50 SBREBrown’s new pen: Classic Pens LB5 (Cross Point)
10:15 Azizah’s new pen: Classic Pens LB5 (King Eagle)
14:11 Brian’s new pen: Omas Arte Italiana Paragon Arco Celluloid
Ink: Montblanc Toffee Brown
15:58 Lisa’s new pen(s): Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo Burgundy, Pilot Vanishing Point Vivid Red, Montblanc Chopin
20:15 US vs. European Pen Shows
35:50 Lamy New Old Stock
37:30 SBREBrown’s Fotografica Pen Review
38:50 Azizah’s Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year Aquamarine Review
39:25 Pilot Parallel calligraphy pens
41:22 Montblanc Heritage Rouge & Noir
42:35 Pilot Vanishing Point 2009 LE Vivid Red
45:00 Retro 51 Popper Surfin’
45:30 Leonardt Dip Nibs
46:00 TWSBI Eco Clear
48:05 Palomino Blackwing pencils | blog
Palomino Mixed Grade Graphite Sets | blog
50:00 Platinum 3776 Century Price Drop | blog
50:30 Sheaffer Taranis | blog
53:50 Lamy Dark Lilac
54:52 Shoutouts
59:50 Wrap up & goodbye!