Baltimore Pen Show – On the Road Again

Since our last bulletin we had the pleasure of receiving a call from fellow Appleton Pen Club member Mike Kirk. Mike, Road Warrior he is, happened to be only 15 miles behind us on his way home to Michigan when he happened to see our last post. We had a funny moment when Mike was telling us about a collection he recently had the pleasure to see. The conversation went something like this:

Mike: “and the greatest part of the whole collection was…”


Brian: “Mike? Hello, Mike?”

Lisa: “Welcome to Gary, Indiana!”

Brian: “Mike?”

Mike did eventually call back and tell us about some ephemera and some snorkels, but it was a most unfortunate time for the call to get dropped!

Travel resumed throughout the night, Lisa and I taking turns every hour or two. Somehow I always get the really crappy shift at 4 in the morning while driving up and down curvy roads in Pennsylvania. Road construction made for more than my fair share of white knuckle moments behind the wheel, and when stopping for gas, discovered our debit card had a hold on it since we were traveling through several states. A ten minute stop ended up taking a half hour to straightened the mess out. Now only three hours left to go before we arrive at the hotel, that means nap time for this blogger.

Stay tuned for show update #1 coming when we finally arrive at the show!

Brian & Lisa