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Mr. Paper! Zequenz Journals!

Mr. Paper! Zequenz Journals! Chris shows us how to flip ’em, twist ’em and bend ’em!  

Mr. Paper! Midori Paper Pads!

Mr. Paper! Midori Paper Pads! Improve your desk with this innovative notepad! 

Mr. Paper! LIFE Airmail!

Mr. Paper! LIFE Airmail! Step up your correspondence game with this light as a feather paper! 

Mr. Paper! Leuchtturm1917 A6!

Mr. Paper! Leuchtturm1917 A6! Chris takes this pint-sized notebook for a test drive!      

Mr. Paper! Rhodia dotBook!

Mr. Paper! Rhodia dotBook! Chris shows off this reliable, go-to notebook! 

Mr. Paper! LIFE Vermillion!

Mr. Paper! LIFE Vermillion! Chris fawns over the Vermillion version of this very versatile Japanese paper.  

Mr. Paper! Midori Cotton!

Mr. Paper! Midori Cotton! Chris shows off this soft, gentle yet durable notebook!