Chris’s Top 10 Inks of 2018

Chris's Top 10 Inks of 2018

2018 has been a stellar year for fountain pen ink. The variety and availability of inks is greater than it has ever been. More and more ink means a lot of it is similar to colors that have already been produced. My top 10 list celebrates the colors I loved, and also the brands that thought outside the box and created some really unusual colors.

Drumroll . . . . .

Chris's Top 10 Inks of 2018 - Graf von Faber-Castell Gulf Blue

10. Graf von Faber-Castell Gulf Blue: This misty blue has an ephemeral quality to it that I loved. Ink it up in a broad nib for some beautiful shading.

Chris's Top 10 Inks of 2018 - J Herbin Corail des Tropiques

9. J. Herbin Corail des Tropiques: This is an ink that I normally wouldn’t use, but I fell in love with how unusual the color is. The color is delicate, but still easy to read.

Chris's Top 10 Inks of 2018 - Lamy Vibrant Pink

8. Lamy Vibrant Pink: Again, not a color that I normally use, but I gotta give kudos to Lamy. Vibrant Pink is bright without being obnoxiously neon. The silver shimmer particles are used with discretion for a tasteful yet exciting result.

Chris's Top 10 Inks of 2018 - Three Oysters Hwangto

7. 3 Oysters Hwangto: I could have chosen from a few of the 3 Oysters inks, but Hwangto is the standout for me. It’s a gorgeous orange that competes with my much-adored Sailor Apricot.

Chris's Top 10 Inks of 2018 - Rohrer and Klingner SketchINK Thea

6. Rohrer & Klinger SketchINK Thea: The entire SketchINK lineup is great. They are truly waterproof inks that come in some unusual colors. Thea has become my permanent sketching partner for this year.

Chris's Top 10 Inks of 2018 - Taccia Midori Green

5. Taccia Midori: Taccia is a new ink manufacturer that is doing everything right. They offer a beautiful palette of colors at an impeccable price point . Midori is a rich, saturated green that is a joy to use.

Chris's Top 10 Inks of 2018 - Sailor Yodaki

4. Sailor Yodaki: I’m sad this ink is only available in a tiny bottle. Yodaki is a knockout red that has replaced Sheaffer Red as my go-to red ink. Do you see that gold sheen?!

Chris's Top 10 Inks of 2018 - Kyo no oto Hisoku

3. Kyo-no-oto Hisoku: Kyo-no-oto is another new brand that is making beautiful inks based on a traditional Japanese color palette. Hisoku is such a mysterious color that I still haven’t gotten over it.

Chris's Top 10 Inks of 2018 - Pelikan Edelstein Olivine

2. Pelikan Edelstein Olivine: Edelstein’s color of the year came close to being my color of the year. It is a sublime green that is wholly its own.

Chris's Top 10 Inks of 2018 - Sailor Souboku

1. Sailor Souboku: Yes, I chose a blue-black as my ink of the year. Kiwa-Guro is my go-to black ink, and while I liked Sei-Boku, it wasn’t dark enough for me. Souboku is the perfect blend of business and personality that is truly waterproof. Ink color trends and fads may come and go, but I’ll be using Souboku for the rest of my life.