Cold Weather Shipping Information – Winter of 2018/2019

Cold Weather Shipping Information

As often happens this time each year, we run into a spell (or several, depending on where you live!) of extreme cold weather that makes it risky to ship bottled ink. Ink can freeze and bottles can break if left out in the cold.

Cold Weather

When the temperature drops below zero, or the forecast calls for it to be very cold/below freezing for several days in a row, we will delay shipping a package that contains bottled ink for a day or 2, until the weather warms up. Cartridges and ink samples are usually safe to ship, but some glass bottles are delicate and break easily in cold weather.

Shipping with signature confirmation can ensure your package does not get left out in the cold,  but even if you ship to your work address or use signature confirmation, it is still possible packages will be left overnight in a postal vehicle.

While we have very few instances each year of damaged ink, and we know you want your packages as soon as possible, we try to err on the side of caution until Mother Nature warms up (usually only a couple of days). We also always pack each bottle of ink in it’s own individual bag to protect the rest of your order in the event of an accident.

Ink it Up and Stay Warm!

Lisa and Brian