Empty Ink Bottle Ideas – Fun & Useful Things To Do

Here’s a fun list with some fun things you can do with your empty ink bottles!

Empty Ink Bottle Ideas – Don’t Toss Those Empties!

If you need some empty ink bottle ideas, we have a few to share with you. You might have empty ink bottles because you have finally emptied your first bottle of ink – something that requires celebration! You might have an empty because your ink was contaminated by accident. You might have an empty because you were browsing the web store at 2 a.m. We have plenty of empties for you.

Collect them because they look really cool.

Empty Ink Bottle Ideas

Mini vases.

Empty Ink Bottle Ideas

Sort your nibs!
Label the bottles with the number size of your nibs, or by brand, and keep them organized.

Empty Ink Bottle Ideas Empty Ink Bottle Ideas

Fun little gifts!
Fill with bobby pins, tiny erasers, Palomino refill erasers, cute paper clips, or anything else. Label the jar and give it to a friend!

Empty Ink Bottle Ideas Empty Ink Bottle Ideas

Use it to hold a few go-to writing utensils, or even make-up brushes.

Empty Ink Bottle Ideas Empty Ink Bottle Ideas

Keep those stray ink cartridges tidy.

Empty Ink Bottle Ideas

Decant some ink from a larger bottle and keep some in a second bottle that’s easier to work with. 

Empty Ink Bottle Ideas

Transfer inks from those hard to use bottles into easy to use bottles!

Remove the labels and fill them with decorative sand or pebbles. Perfect as paperweights.

Back up bottles – in case you break one. (It can happen.)

Use to mix your own inks.
You can use inks like Platinum Mix-Free, or Sailor Storia.

Use to dilute your own inks. Some may be too saturated for what you want them for. 

Fill with water and a drop or two of ink and let sit on your widow sill

If you have a bunch of bottles at home and you really don’t need them, you can always just recycle the glass.

Add to the list – what do you use your empty ink bottles for? Creative purposes? Practical things? In the kitchen or in the work shop?

Pick up some empty ink bottles here!

Ink it up!
Brian & Lisa

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