Esterbrook Plunger Fill Light Blue

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Esterbrook Plunger Fill Pens

These Esterbrook Plunger Fill pens in light blue, ca. 1959,  fill via a touchdown mechanism similar to a Sheaffer touchdown. Esterbrook utilized a very small sac on these pens and they are all but impossible to repair. This pen currently fills as designed. It is recommended to use an extra fine or fine point with these pens as to avoid having to refill the pen more often than necessary.

Esterbrook Plunger-Fill

Esterbrook Plunger Fill

To operate the plunge-fill mechanism: unscrew the blind cap on the end of the barrel, insert the nib in the ink, press down, and wait 30 seconds for the pen to fill.

These one of the more challenging pens to find in a later Esterbrook collection.

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