Hobonichi Add-Ons You Want to Consider

Hobonichi 2024 Banner

It’s Hobonichi Time!! I know that we are all excited about seeing the fun and cute new planners and covers. The new-to-us Day-Free and HON planners add several options to our usual listings, and I, for one, might have my eye on a few. It’s easy to get caught up in planner shopping, but don’t forget the little extras that help to make your Hobonichi planner even more fun!

1 – Pencil Boards – these are designed to go underneath the page that you are writing on, for extra stability, and for those of you who tend to press a little harder on the sheet, this will prevent leaving indentations on the following pages. There are sizes to fit the A5 Cousin, the A6 Techo and the Weeks and Weeks Mega.

Options this year are the basic navy blue grid, and the colorful boards by Tomitaro Makino this year.

Cousin A5 Pencil Board Navy Blue

Cousin A5 Pencil Board Tomitaro Makino

Techo A6 Pencil Board Navy Blue

Techo A6 Pencil Board Tomitaro Makino

Weeks Pencil Board Navy Blue

Weeks Pencil Board Tomitaro Makino

2 – Sticky Notes – who doesn’t find sticky notes useful? 5 different colors and sizes of translucent sticky notes that are designed to match the graph paper of the Hobonichi planners and notebooks.

Sticky Notes Set

3 – Washi Tape with cats!!! OK, I’m sold, you had me at washi tape, and cats! The cats are laid out in a design that is intended to be used vertically. Cute cats that match the 2024 Bow & Tie Cats & Me planners.

Washi Tape with Cats!

4 – Plain Notebooks – these are great as a companion to your Hobonichi planner.

Cousin A5 Plain Notebook Yellow

Cousin A5 Plain Notebook Tomitaro Makino

Techo A6 Plain Notebook Yellow

Techo A6 Plain Notebooks Tomitaro Makino

5 – 2024 Index Stickers – these are sooo useful! Hobonichi Index Stickers allow you to mark particular pages of the Hobonichi planner so that you can open up to the intended page in one go. The package includes 1 sticker of each of 12 months for the monthly calendar and daily pages, and for fun, also has Monkey Index and Free Index.

2024 Index Stickers

6 – Page Keepers – do you get tired of flipping through the pages of your planner to find the page you need? The Hobinichi plastic Page Keeper stays on the page you last opened using a rubber band. You can simply affix it to the interior of Cousin or Techo covers with butterfly-stopper pen holders.

Cousin A5 Page Keeper

Techo A6 Page Keeper

7 – Midori Bookmarker Clip Set – These adorable Midori Bookmarker Clips in the Cat and Moon design are metal bookmark clips that can be used to mark your spot in a planner or book. These book mark clips are just 0.1 mm thick, which means they won’t deform the pages or add any unnecessary bulk. Each clip in the 4 pack has a different design, and you can also use them as stencils for marking dates and events in your planner!

This Cat and Moon bookmarker set includes four cat designs. When used as stencils, they can draw crescent moons, quarter moons, gibbous moons, and full moons.

Midori Bookmarker Clips Cats

8 – 2024 Techo A6 Weekly Calendar Supplement – This 2024 weekly calendar is a supplement to the A6 Hobonichi Techo Planner/Original. Each two-page spread covers an entire week, and the booklet covers an entire year. Each daily column includes a full 24-hour timeline and three checkboxes at the top.

The booklet is thin, also uses Tomoe River paper, lays completely flat, and fits perfectly into a cover pocket due to its slightly smaller size than the planner book.

2024 Weekly Calendar Supplement

9 – Hobonichi Memo Pad Sets – I LOVE these! These are made of Tomoe River paper, and are very thin, and are thin enough to fit into the back pocket of the planner covers.

Hobonichi Cousin A5 Memo Pad 2 Pack

Hobonichi Techo A6 Memo Pad 3 Pack

Weeks Memo Pad 3 Pack

10 – Don’t forget ink! Grab a bottle or 2 of fountain pen ink, some cartyridges, or stock up on rollerball or ballpoint refills.

Hobonichi planners are cute and useful, but sometimes it can be the extras that make the entire process so much more fun!