Ink-a-Dink Your Fresca

Ink-a-Dink Your Fresca

Soft, dreamy, and super seductive – the Sailor 1911 Fresca has us feeling light on our feet! Join us, a handful of inks, and the Sailor 1911 Fresca for a dance party to celebrate this North America Exclusive!

This mouth-watering pen is light blue with a hint of green – and it’s gorgeous! You truly need one of your very own. And once you have it, consider pairing it with these inks. Fifty shades of turquoise that tease with a touch of green.

Ink Up Your Fresca!

  1. Sailor Yuki-Akari – If you love when your ink color matches your pen and is also produced by the same manufacturer, you’ll go ga-ga by pairing your new Fresca with Sailor Yuki-Akari. While this ink is a wee bit bluer than the pen, both are soft in color and carry the Sailor name.Sailor Yuki-Akari Ink Swab
  2. Kaweco Paradise Blue – A lovely turquoise, this ink brings out the green in your Fresca.Kaweco Paradise Blue Ink Swab
  3. Diamine Aqua Lagoon – While Paradise Blue makes your Fresca look more green, Aqua Lagoon highlights the blue.Diamine Aqua Lagoon Ink Swab
  4. Robert Oster Signature Aqua – This ink is perfect if you want a color similar to your Fresca but need the ink to be a tad bit darker and easier to read.Robert Oster Aqua Ink Swab
  5. Sailor Kin-Mokusei – We’re taking you back to the color wheel with this one. Which color is complementary to blue? Orange! And is there a more appropriate orange for your Fresca than Sailor Kin-Mokusei? Nope!Sailor Kin-Mokusei Ink Swab
  6.  Sailor Sakura-Mori – Do you try to match the ink and pen brand but the color can be something different? Then grab a bottle of Sailor Sakura-Mori and feed it to your Fresca!Sailor Sakura-Mori Ink Swab

Ink it Up!