Ink It Up! AP Newsletter #68

Ink Zap! Ink Remover
Sailor Bespoke Naginata-Togi


If you love fountain pens, then you know that ink accidents can happen – anytime, any place. With InkZap!™ Ink Remover in your arsenal, you can clean up unsightly ink stains on your hands so it won’t look like you’ve been finger painting with fountain pen ink.

The Sailor 1911 Standard Bespoke fountain pen is the perfect choice for those looking for a stylish and smooth-writing pen with a 21k nib that is also highly affordable! As one of a select few retailers authorized to offer Sailor Bespoke pens and nibs, this Sailor 1911 Standard in Black with Rhodium trim features Sailor’s exclusive Bespoke specialty Naginata-Togi Medium-Fine. This is a new pen, only available with this nib and in stock now! Any other nib orders will be at least a 9 month wait so don’t miss out!

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Ink it up!
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