Ink it Up! AP Newsletter #75

Visconti Metropolitan
Platinum Plaisir Nova Orange

Ink It Up Newsletter #75

The Platinum Plaisir fountain pen is now available in a new color! Nova Orange is a special anodized aluminum pen that will maintain the gorgeous color. The newly refurbished unique “Slip and Seal” cap design prevents the ink from drying out or clogging, even if the pen is left unused for a year!

The Visconti Metropolitan takes inspiration from Visconti’s iconic ‘Divine Proportion’ collection, drawing on the art and science of the Renaissance period. The Metropolitan features the same classic shape and characteristics of the Divina, and is enriched with the timeless ‘Wall Street’ celluloid. The mid-size fountain pen has a piston filler and features the Visconti Dreamtouch 23Kt. Palladium nib.

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