Ink it Up! AP Newsletter #76

Sheaffer Skrip Vintage Ink
Parker Super Chrome Ink

Ink it Up! AP Newsletter #76

Nock Co. Sinclair Cases: Need somewhere to store all those pens? You don’t want to miss the Nock Co. Sinclair, which features three pen slots on one side, a memo book pocket, and room for a few small accessories in the middle. Everything is held in securely with a zipper across the top half for a beautiful, functional pen case. Available in Coffee/Amethyst, Peacock/Coal, and Raven/Aqua (shown here)!

Sheaffer Snorkel Statesman Blue fountain pen with a medium M4 Palladium nib. Admiral Black fountain pen features an extra fine 14kt nib. New point holder gaskets, o-rings, and sacs installed on both pens so they’re ready to write!

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