Kaweco Liliput Supra

Kaweco Liliput Supra Fountain Pen

Brian gives us a tour of the new Kaweco Liliput Supra fountain pen – a larger version of the much loved Liliput pocket pen – with something a little extra.

Kaweco Liliput Supra

The cute little Kaweco Liliput now has a big brother! The sleek and slim Liliput fountain pen is now available in a larger size called the Kaweco Liliput Supra, and is forged from solid gleaming brass. It features a threaded section and barrel end for secure capping and posting.

The brass Liliput Supra has a comfortable, substantial weight in the hand. It is ideal for those who like the smaller Liliput design but are looking for something larger and heavier.

The Supra features a #6 stainless steel nib, which gives a smooth writing experience.

What about that extra piece? The Supra features a removable piece that gives you the option to make the pen full length by adding it between the section and the barrel. If you remove that piece, the pen becomes shorter, but the girth remains the same. Choose your favorite set up!

Kaweco Liliput Supra Kaweco Liliput Supra

In addition, like other Kawecos, the Liliput Supra fountain pen comes packaged in a metal gift box, and accepts standard international ink cartridges or – yes! – an international converter

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Ink it up!