Lisa’s Top 5 Ballpoints

I like Ballpoints! (Don’t tell Brian.)

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fountain pens. I had to choose which pens to bring with me to Chicago, and that was painful. In the end, I brought a (big) handful of fountain pens, a couple of rollerballs, and several ballpoints.

There are some really nice ballpoint pens out there, and some occasions when a ballpoint is better than a fountain pen. Depending on your work environment, a fountain pen may not be practical. If you work outside in the weather or if your office desk is not locked or secure from nosy coworkers, a nice fountain pen may not be practical.

Whether you need suggestions or you’re simply curious, here are my Top 5 Favorite Ballpoints:

  1. Visconti Medici. Yes, I started with a pricey one, but it’s damn gorgeous, a perfect size for my hand, and has a sweet memory attached to it. Michael Hujara (of Coles of London) was in Chicago for an event. I saw this pen and fell in love. I was trying to behave, but it kept calling to me.
    Many of you know the scenario… Go over, pick it up, sigh. Turn it over, see how the light plays off the depth of the material, try it on paper… sigh again. Put it down, walk away. Repeat several times in one day until Brian decides that this will be my wedding anniversary gift (just happened to be that week!).Lisa's Favorite Ballpoints - Visconti Medici
  2. Sailor 4 Seasons Ballpoint (Metallic Green is my fave.) Another smaller-sized ballpoint, perfect for my hand. Great writer, 4 pretty colors, by Sailor. Need I say more?Lisa's Favorite Ballpoints - Sailor Pro Gear Slim Four Seasons
  3. Cross Beverly in Deep Purple, with the Light Blue as a runner-up. This is new to us here at Anderson Pens, but it’s a nice, nice pen. It has an excellent weight and feel to it with the lacquer over that brass barrel. Gorgeous colors, interesting design, kinda sexy if you want to know my opinion. A nicely updated, curvaceous silhouette.Lisa's Favorite Ballpoints - Cross Beverly
  4. Cross Wanderlust in any color. I honestly cannot choose, although the Malta (blue) and Borneo (green) are definitely talking to me. This is SOOO not your father’s Cross pen! I love the ivory base color, the beautiful colors inspired by nature, and the addition of a little bling from the metallic engravings.Lisa's Favorite Ballpoints - Cross Wanderlust
  5. S.T. Dupont D-Initial Ballpoint. OMG I LOVE these. Love the weight (lacquer over brass), love the colors, love the sleek modern design. Here in Chicago, S.T. Dupont is fairly new, but has already proven to be very popular. These are chic and sleek pieces of hand candy, in my opinion. I think I need one, and soon!Lisa's Favorite Ballpoints - ST Dupont D Initial
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