Lisa’s Top 5 Spring Inks (Plus a Bonus)

Lisa's Top 5 Spring Inks

Hey everyone! March is over, and in typical spring fashion, some days are brutally cold and other days I am wearing sandals! I wanted to share my top five favorite inks for spring. These are colors that help get me out of the winter blahs and remind me that blue skies, blossoming trees, and gorgeous flowers are just around the corner!

In no particular order…

1 – Monteverde Purple Mist is a pretty but slightly muted shade of purple, like a bright lavender. I like darker, warmer colors in winter, and bright, tropical ink colors in the summer. So for me, this is a perfect in between shade.

Lisa's Top 5 Spring Inks - Monteverde Purple Mist

2 – Herbin Bouquet d’Antan is a soft rose shade of pink. I am generally not a pink ink person, but this is just soft and gentle looking, like a cashmere sweater. Bright enough to show up on the page, but this is definitely NOT an in your face kind of color.

Lisa's Top 5 Spring Inks - Herbin Bouquet D'Antan

3 – Visconti Wheatfield under Thunderclouds is a bright, very spring green that is not shy by any means. I love how vibrant this is, without being overbearing. To me, this is just a happy , make you smile color. Sometimes, an unexpected color of ink is just fun.

Lisa's Top 5 Spring Inks - Visconti Wheatfield Under ThundercloudsHerbin Bouquet D'Antan

4 – Diamine Beau Blue is a very popular ink color, and for good reason. This lighter shade of turquoise reminds me of clear, cloudless spring skies and it strikes just the right balance between bright and over the top for intensity. This is especially gorgeous on bright white paper, where the color can really pop.

Lisa's Top 5 Spring Inks - Diamine Beau Blue

5 – Diamine China Blue is a soft, medium shade of true blue. This really is a basic blue, not green, not turquoise, not teal, just a very pretty soft blue. Diamine inks are wonderfully well behaved, and I love that the glass bottle has a sturdy square base. A really great option if you prefer more conservative colors, but this is a little easier on your eyes.

Lisa's Top 5 Spring Inks - Diamine China Blue

Bonus – Because I hate to be limited in my choices, my favorite non-seasonal (I use it year round) ink color is Sailor Shikiori Kin-Mokusei. It may be a little bright and vibrant for traditional spring colors, but on gloomy rainy or snowy days, this makes me happy. A bright shade of orange, this looks great on white paper where it definitely shows up. It is softer but still very much visible when used on ivory paper.

Lisa's Top 5 Spring Inks - Sailor Shikiori Kin Mokusei

So there you have it, my top 5 favorite spring time inks, with a bonus. I hope that you might be inspired to try one or two of these. When in doubt, don’t forget that we sell 3ml samples so that you can try out a color or three without a big commitment!