Montblanc 215 Ballpoint

Let’s take a look at the Montblanc 215 ballpoint!

Montblanc 215 Ballpoint

Yes, that’s a ballpoint, and a really cool one. If you’re going to have a ballpoint in your pocket, a Montblanc would look really great. This is circa late 1950s, and it’s different from modern ballpoints you’ll find. This is a clip-lever style – push that lever down and it extends the refill. If you’re a serious fountain pen lover, at least you can have a lever on your pen still.

Montblanc Ballpoint Montblanc Ballpoint

Since this is an older model, finding ballpoint refills is becoming difficult. Don’t worry! The Omas Extra 305 refill fits in the 215, so you can continue to use this ballpoint for years to come.

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Brian & Lisa