Pen Shows: The 2013 Arkansas Pen Show Wish List

The cool thing about pen shows two weeks in a row is, well, pen shows, two weeks in a row!  Now the only thing better than that would be three in a row, and that’s what we have this month.  Last weekend was Baltimore  and this week we travel down south to Little Rock, Arkansas for one of the friendliest shows in the southern pen show circuit.
Since I didn’t really meet my goals last weekend, I’ll probably still be on the lookout for those pens, but have to add in a couple more interesting entries this week, because I know at least one of them might be there.

1) Sheaffer Legacy in Green, Touchdown Version – This isn’t really fair, because I know this pen will be there.  Whether or not I can wrestle it out of the owners hands i don’t know, but I think it will happen.  🙂  I love these pens, made in the 90’s I think, with a touchdown system, or will take cartridges as well.  Cool pens, and I aspire to complete my collection someday, even though I have no idea how many colors or variations there are.

2) Akin Lambert Matchstick Filler – I recently discovered not only did Aikin Lambert make a matchstick filler (well, I knew this, I have one), but they made one with a lock ring to cover the matchstick hole.  Wirt made a similar style pen, which I picked up in Dallas last year, so now I have to add this one to the collection.

Wirt Matchstick Filler

Wirt Matchstick Filler – Dallas Pen Show

3) Interesting Edison pens – Yes, this was on last week’s list, but I have to look real hard to find any of these, so it’s going to appear on the wish list a few times this year until I can expand my collection enough to move on to something else.

4) Any overfeed eyedropper – I have to add something generic in here, right?  Goals should be achievable, so hopefully I can find one of these too.

So really, that’s it, Lisa will be looking for those lovely Aurora Sole and Primavera pens, and maybe a Montblanc or two.  We’ll see what we can dig up down south.

See you in Little Rock!

Brian & Lisa