Pen Shows: The 2013 Baltimore Pen Show Wish List

Here we are again, it seems like it was just two weekends ago that we were in LA.  Wait, we were!  This weekend starts March Madness, but not as basketball fans know it, but three pen shows in a row, Baltimore, Little Rock, and Long Island.  It’ll be a rush, and we’ll be glad to have a break once it is all done, but for now, bring on Baltimore!

So, it wouldn’t be a show without some form of wish list.  I did well last time in LA, so here’s my short list for this weekend:

1) Another Salz Oversize pen.  Not being a die-hard Salz collector, and being able to say I think I’ve only owned one or two in my life, it was a shock to see the #8 sized BHR eyedropper that I found.  Did they make a chased version?  I spotted a MHR version in LA, so who knows.  Frankly, I’ll be shocked if I see one at all.  If that’s the case, a replacement nib for the one I did get would be just as welcome.

2) Any Edison pen from Petersburg, VA.  These are not very common, so we’ll see what I can dig up.  Often very high quality, often with a full overlay, and sometimes available in a ringtop version with a telescoping feature.  I have a couple, and bonus points for fully marked clip and lever.

3) Aikin Lambert overlay.  I was looking through the photos on my iPhone a couple of days ago when I spotted a picture of a ringtop pen I saw in Philadelphia earlier this year.  Of course, I cannot remember who had it but my hope is that someone who could travel to Philadelphia could also travel to Baltimore.  What makes this ringtop special is the unique overlay pattern which Aikin Lambert used, and is one I do not yet own in any configuration, full sized or ringtop version.  Now that I’ve finally secured a safety pen, this will be my next hard to find Aikin Lambert for the collection.

Lisa doesn’t have much on her list this time around, but did mention a strong desire to stop at any available Coach outlet in hopes of finding a smaller purse for traveling to pen shows.  The one she currently uses gets in the way while driving and she doesn’t want to damage it in anyway.  So, we’ll be on the lookout for any outlet mall that is open, probably on the way back from the show.

We leave in about six hours.  Why does time move so slowly on pen show departure day?  🙂 So, what are you looking for at the show, drop your list in the comments below!

See you soon!
Brian & Lisa