Pen Shows: The Long Island Pen Show Wishlist

So last weekend I did pretty good on my list, but then again, that wasn’t quite exactly fair since I knew one of them was going to be there. I suppose that doesn’t matter since I was looking for something and I found it, and I wouldn’t have found it at the show otherwise.

Anyway, this weekend ends March Madness, not to be confused with the sporting event of a similar name, but the succession of three pen shows in three weeks.  Let me tell you, as much fun as this is, we will be looking forward to the first weekend off after this show is done!

That being said, we have a few items to mix it up with on the wish list this week.  The Wish list usually maintains some static entries, but also changes depending on the show we are going to.  If I know a particular dealer will be there, I may change my list accordingly.  This week, I expect some interesting pens.  Lets see if we can find any of these, shall we?

1) Edison – Yes, still on the list.  I did not find any in Little Rock, so I will keep on looking.  These vintage 1920’s Edison pens are pretty amazing.

2) Aikin Lambert Matchstick Filler – Ditto, see above.  This is the version with the barrel sleeve to cover the matchstick.

3) John Holland or Edward Todd – Ok, a two-fer.  I missed out on an Edward Todd last weekend because, I was, well, too cheap, and did find a John Holland, so decided finding either one would be a nice score in Long Island.

4) Any overlay – As ridiculous as this may seem, it seems like it has been a long time since I  got an overlay.  In reality it probably has only been four or five months.  I think it’s time, no?

Lisa has a few items on her list as well:

1) Any slender S.T. Dupont – A slender Dupont is a harder to find pen then one would imagine.  As most you find would be the large Chairman size.

2) Pelikan 400 Tortoise –  After seeing a beautiful 400NN last weekend at Joel Hamilton’s table, the search is on.  A 400NN tortoise would make a nice companion to her already magnificent green striped 400NN, and should be reasonably achievable.

How about you?  What are you looking for?

Brian & Lisa

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