Pen Shows: The Philadelphia 2013 Pen Show Wishlist!

The Philadelphia Pen Show is just a few short days away and almost ready to catch us by surprise after having had almost two months off between pen shows.  Philly will kickstart a whirlwind tour of US shows for us this year, fifteen in all covering every pen show in the US.  Never having been before, but hearing great things, Lisa and I are both excited about this show.  As usual, we have to plan ahead and try to put together a wish list of pens and parts to look for once there.  Not having any idea what to expect, I’ll try to keep my list reasonable, so that perhaps I can at least knock one item off it.

Brian’s List:

1) Aikin Lambert Safety Forget it, I keep looking for it and either not finding it or coming up on the short end of the eBay stick.  Perhaps if I stop looking it will find me.

2) Lamy 2000 – Vintage.  I really like the look, design, and feel of this pen.  I’ve played with a few at several shows last year and have for whatever reason not bought one.  I think it’s time to get one.

3) John Holland Saddle Filler – Yes, I know, I got one for Christmas:

John Holland Saddle Filler

John Holland Saddle Filler

I was pleasantly surprised to find this was the earlier slip cap version of the pen.  in 1910, John Holland came out with a “safety” screw cap version as well.  I think having one of each would keep this one from being lonely in the pen chest, no?  The trick will be to find one that is anywhere as near as perfect as this one.  Lisa did an amazing job finding this one for me.  It looks like it was purchased from John Holland himself yesterday.

4) Parts, lots of parts – I need lever boxes for Waterman, nibs for Waterman, caps for Duofold Sr. Streamlined, dip pen nibs, and more.  I may never find all these parts, but if I can just salvage one parts pen a show and turn it into a useable pen for someone, that would be all right.

5) A nice Dip Pen – I’ve got to keep the list achievable!  Surely I can start the new year off right with something nice from Leroy Fairchild, Edward Todd, Aikin Lambert, or somebody else.

6) Something Mottled Hard Rubber – About right now Lisa’s looking at this list and thinking, “How much money are we going to be spending in Philly??”.  Seriously though, I have no expectations.  If I come home with one nice pen I will be satisfied with this show. I have been expanding my MHR pen collection over the past year, and would really like to pick up another fine example to balance out the rest of the black in the pen chest.

What is Lisa Looking for?

“I don’t have that much on my wish list. Any Sheaffer Skripserts I don’t have, to complete or upgrade my collection, or any Wearever Lady Faires – Skripsert wannabes. Those are harder to find. Maybe this year I’ll explore some vintage Pilots, vintage Auroras, and definitely vintage Pelikans. Since I don’t do flex nibs, many really cool pens just don’t work for me. Give me a smooth nail of a nib any day & I’m a happy camper.”

Looks like her “small” list is more expensive than mine.  Vintage Pilot, Aurora, and Pelikan?  I’d better start putting in some overtime in at work!

If you’re in the area, do stop by and say hi, and if you have anything on our lists, we’d like to see that too!


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