Pen Trek: The Next Generation

Pen Trek: The Next Generation

I have been waiting, ever so patiently, for my eldest son to reach the age where he can use a fountain pen. He’s always had his eye on my pens. Even when he’s teased me about my “boring” hobby, he’s been quick to point out which pens he wants to use someday. We’ve had a few false starts. A few Pilot Varsity pens and Platinum Preppy pens have met tragic, untimely ends. But this past year, I started noticing signs that we were getting closer.

Learning to write in cursive with the CursiveLogic workbook

Learning to write in cursive with the CursiveLogic workbook.

He used the same pencil for homework for more than a month – it didn’t get lost or broken. He hasn’t drawn pictures on surfaces other than paper in a while. And he’s showing an overall increase in his focus and patience. There are LEGO structures still intact that were built over Thanksgiving break! My baby is growing up.

Learning to write in cursive – in school or at home

CursiveLogic works both at home or at school

CursiveLogic works both at home or at school.

He’s also learning cursive in school – a skill which is becoming an endangered species in a lot of districts. I’m very grateful that he has this as a part of his education. I’m even more grateful that he enjoys learning it! I can already tell his handwriting is going to be better than mine, someday.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice, practice, practice

Practice, practice, practice.

So, for his birthday this past fall I got him a TWSBI ECO in lime green and the Cursive Logic workbook. I figured it’s a great way for him to play with his new pen and practice his skills at the same time. Going through the workbook together has been a blast. It’s great quality time together. We start by picking out what inks we’ll use that week, then we practice our letters, and then maybe dash off a quick note to a pen pal. We’re making some great memories.

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect.

I know this golden age won’t last. Those teen years are creeping up, and I can already see hints of sass and exasperation sneaking into his attitude at times. All the more reason to build this strong foundation now. He may gravitate away from writing for a while – maybe decades – but someday he’s going to run across a fountain pen in the wild and remember how much fun we had. Maybe he’ll pick one up…get some ink…write his dear old mum a letter.

Learning to write in cursive is an important skill

Learning to write in cursive is an important skill.

Or maybe not. That’s okay, too. The memories are the important part. And there’s always kid #2! My toddler is perhaps the only person in the house more obsessed with my pens than I am. So we’re off to a good start.

Ink It Up!

Sarah Read

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