Price Increases and Shipping Updates effective October 1, 2021

Leuchtturm Display

Price increases will take place on October 1, 2021 for Noodler’s ink and Leuchtturm1917 notebooks. Stock up now to avoid the increase! Noodler’s ink has not really increased prices since the company was founded.

Noodlers Ink Bottles

Also, you may have read in the news recently, that the Postal Service has made some unfortunate changes that take effect also on October 1. The Postal Service has chosen to slow down the 1st class mail and periodicals by approximately 30%. This means that what used to take 2-5 days WILL probably take longer. When checking out on the website, please factor that in when choosing between 1st Class Mail or Priority Mail, if your order is time-sensitive.

USPS Shipping Fleet

You can always call us  or email us if you would like to choose an alternate method of shipping, such as UPS or Fedex, or to upgrade to Express shipping.

In addition, more bad news includes a Postal Service price increase from October 3 – December 26, according to their press release. We will do our best to minimize the increase to you on our end, but we have no control over what the USPS charges. I truly wish we did…

Ink it up!