Retro 51 – A Great Everyday Carry Pen!

A few reasons why the Retro 51 pens are great everyday carry pens!

Retro 51 Pens – We Love These Things.

  1. There are a lot of colors and finishes to choose from – there are Classic Lacquer Tornados, fun, colorful Poppers, glowing pens, gorgeous pens, clicky pencils, and more.
  2. Including some really fun limited edition ones!
    Retro 51 Terabyte Tornado

    Anderson Pens LE Terabyte Tornado

    Retro 51 Twinkle Popper

    Retro 51 Twinkle Popper

  3. Did we mention some of them glow?

    Retro 51

    Nine Lives Popper
    Image from GourmetPens, who bought this from us when they just came out!

  4. Knurled twist-action knobs – easy to grip and turn, and they look really cool. Who doesn’t like knurling?

    Retro 51

    Knurled Knobs

  5. Useful clips – they look good, and let you slide your pen into and out of pen cases, pockets, and on to papers with ease.
  6. Affordable. (Relative to some other pens.)
  7. Not very heavy, so easy to write with and comfortable to carry.
  8. Great as a gift – with so many colors and finishes, you can find one for almost anyone.
    1. For someone else.
    2. For yourself.
  9. Neat packaging that is fun to display or reuse.

    Retro 51 Nightwalkerz


  10. The ballpoint takes the superb, smooth-writing EasyFlow refills.
  11. Some models contribute to good causes – like the Tornado Natural Bamboo!

    Retro 51

    Tornado – Natural Bamboo

  12. Available as roller balls, ballpoints, pencils, and fountain pens.

Do you already have a collection of these? Let us know in the comments below – what do you love about them?¬† What’s your favorite?

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Ink it up!
Brian & Lisa