Retro 51 Pencils

Today we take a look at Retro 51 Pencils. These are some of the neatest pencils on the market today and embody the flair and attitude of the rest of the Retro 51 lineup.

Retro 51 Pencils - Stealth

Retro 51 Pencil – Stealth

Retro 51 pencils have the same body shape as the rest of the Tornado Rollerballs and ballpoints. thicker at the top, with a taper towards the point. The main difference is the existence of a large eraser at the top.

Retro 51 Pencils - Lincoln

Retro 51 Pencil – Lincoln

The pencil is twist activated by turning the knurled knob just below the eraser. This is a smooth operation and extends the very large 1.15 mm lead. Where many companies are using thinner leads, Retro 51 takes the opposite approach and puts a large stick in there. It’s going to be difficult to snap the lead in this pen!

Retro 51 Pencils - Albert

Retro 51 Pencil – Albert

The pencil features the characteristic V styled clip which is upturned a bit at the end so it slides into your pocket quite easily. The clip holds on tight in your pocket.

Retro 51 Pencil - Sudoku

Retro 51 Pencil – Sudoku

The Retro 51 pencil comes in six different fun themes, an all black Stealth, copper Lincoln, mathematical Albert, Sudoku, Crossword, and a classic Stainless version.

Retro 51 Pencils - Stainless

Retro 51 Pencil – Stainless

Each pencil comes in Retro 51’s classic tube, and comes with an extra container of lead as well as enough erasers to make mistakes for quite some time.

Retro 51 Pencils - Crossword

Retro 51 Pencil – Crossword

Best part about these pencils is they are well built, affordable, and FUN.

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